A correspondence between Mamie Seward Robertson York, of Texas to her daughter & son-in-law, Laura & Benjamin Moorman of Covington, Virginia, on a round the world cruise in 1928.

A collection of 33 lengthy and beautifully descriptive letters, with a few pieces of ephemera relating to Mamie's round-the-world trip on the ship "President Lincoln" of the Dollar Steamship Line. She departed April 1928 from San Francisco and voyaged west to Hawaii, then on to Japan (Yokohama, Tokyo, Nikko, Kyoto, Kobe) then to China (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao, Canton) and other South East Asian ports - Manila, Philippines; Singapore & Penang, Malaysia; Colombo, Ceylon. Then to Egypt (Cairo & Alexandria), then Italy (Naples, Rome, Florence, Pisa). The letters continue through mid-July in Pisa Italy, then jump to London, which she departs in early August.

Mamie is an observant writer with a good cultural background. The reader feels they are right with her. From Tokyo, "The people all travel with worlds of things tied up in silk and cotton squares. At each Station men run up and down with baskets on arms filled with rice cakes, candy and tea. " From Shanghai "One great line of little shops where people eat, live, wash, sell, cook, work, manufacture goods, sleep and rest, all night in their crowded little open to the world, stores on level with side walk. "

Many of the Robertson family travelled from Tennessee to Texas in 1826, with Sam Houston in their company, establishing the village of Nashville, Texas. Robertson County is named after them. (Maxwell, Lyndall. My Robertson Family History. April 2009, (www.asminor.info/lyndall_maxwell/MYROBERTSONFAMILY.html). Some letters are handwritten on hotel letterheads, others long typescripts, some with addressed envelopes. Mounted in a binder, with small summaries of letters. A detailed view of this part of the world, told by a gifted writer. Item #15113