Asia Drawn by Electa Curtis. Pen & ink map of Asia drawn by NY state student. Maps.

Asia Drawn by Electa Curtis. Pen & ink map of Asia drawn by NY state student.

A large child's manuscript map of Asia, ca. 1810, from the west coast of Africa to the Tasman Sea, and from the Arctic Ocean to Tasmania. Australia is called "New Holland" and "New South Wales" covering the whole east coast. Off the WA coast are marked the "Tryal Rocks" and "Dampiers Rock".

Other countries include India "Hindoostan"; China is called both "China" & "Chinese Tartary" & "Thibet" appears separately, is marked as a large independent country north of India and east of China; Korea "Corea"; Japan is "Iles of Japan, Isles of Zezo and Iles of Leeo Keeo"; "Phillippine Iles"; "Burmah" encompasses Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos; Russia is "Russia in Asia" & "Kamchatka"; "Arabia"; "Persia", "Turkey", "New Guinea", Indonesia is "Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Moluccas Is. & Celebes". The Straights of Malacca are noted. Off the Australian coast, both "Dampiers Rocks" and "Tryal Rocks" are marked. Tasmania appears as an island. The Arctic Ocean is named, with "Novaya Zembla" marked. Off of Kamchatka, islands marked include Beerings I. and Andrean Islands, now Andrean of Islands in the Aleutian chain. The artist, Electa Curtis, was from western New York state, and was born ca. 1793. Longitude and latitude readings in pen. 17 x 22", drawn in pen, with original outline color, and the border colored yellow. In an early frame, and a little browned from the early wooden backing, with a slight tidemark in the lower right corner.

A wonderfully crude map of the Eastern Hemisphere. Very good overall. Item #15636

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