Mexican Border War. "A LONG WAY HOME", postcard.

Mexican Border War. "A LONG WAY HOME", postcard.

Ca. 1916. Interesting post card with printed verse re: United States soldiers in Mexico during the Tampico and Vera Cruz incidents. One corner with bend otherwise very good condition, unused.

A man was born of a woman
A soldier for to be,
Born of misfortune, of high
And low degree.
At guard mount or drilling
He's never at his ease,
He has so many offricers
He don't know who to please.

Home, boys, home!
It's home we ought to be.
Home, boys, home
In our good old country
Where thrive the ash and the oak
And the brawny willow tree.
And we haven't any cactus
To clean in our city.

Early in the morning,
If you should fall ill,
They'll fetch you to the doctor
To get a quinnine pill.
If it was to kill you
The wouldn't care a d---
The doctor did his duty,
You belong to Uncle Sam.

Now, I'm in the guard house,
waiting my discharge.
To h--- with all the officers
The provost and the guard.
When I get back to home
I'll be as happy as I can,
And I'll tell them of the sights
I've seen among the Mexicans.

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