Item #16798 The New Irish Emigrant (Broadside Ballad).

The New Irish Emigrant (Broadside Ballad).

London: H. Such, Printer. "Farewell dear Erin, I'm going to leave you..." An ode by an Irish immigrant named William who is about to leave for America, with a response from his lover Erin promising to marry and go with him without informing her family or friends. This is a broadside ballad were sold for half a penny or penny on the streets in London, Manchester and other British cities during the 19th century. (Once newspapers became more widespread and cheaper, they largely displaced this type of street literature.) Printed on cheap tissue paper, they included religious warnings, political arguments, satire, comedy, bawdy tales, crime news, fantastic tales, love and relationship advice and calls for social reform. In some cases the printer would suggest a familiar tune that would fit the lyrics provided. Most had a woodcut illustration, although it may have been unrelated to the subject matter. Many broadside ballads in London were printed in the Seven Dials district. They were sold in large numbers on street corners, in squares and at fairs by travelling ballad singers and also pinned on the walls of alehouses, where they were sung and read. However, because they were meant to be disposable, presaging both the consumer culture and mass media, relatively few have survived. Approx. 3 1/2 by 10 inches. Item #16798

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