A New Guinea Infancy: From Conception to Weaning in Wogeo. H. Ian Hogbin.

A New Guinea Infancy: From Conception to Weaning in Wogeo.

Sydney: Australasian Medical Publishing Company, 1943 - 194. Hardcover. Bound volumes of Oceania issues pertaining to Wogeo, by Ian Hogbin, including: A New Guinea Infancy, Reprint from Oceania, June 1943. Vol. XIII, No. 4. 285-309pp, b&w plt., blue wrps.; A New Guinea Childhood: From Weaning Till the Eighth Year in Wogeo, June 1946, Vol. XVI., No. 4; Puberty to Marriage: A Study of the Sexual Life of the Natives of Wogeo, New Guinea, March 1946, Vol. XVI., No. 3; Marriage in Wogeo, New Guinea, June 1945, Vol. XV., No.4; The Father Chooses his Heir. A Family Dispute over Succession in Wogeo, New Guinea, September, 1940, Vol. XI, No. 1; Reprint from Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Social Reaction to Crime: Law and Morals in the Schouten Islands, New Guinea, Jan - June 1938, Vol. LXVIII; Native Land Tenure in New Guinea, Dec 1939, Vol. X, No. 2. Red buckram, gilt title at spine ("Wogeo"). Meggitt copy. Meggitt was a noted Australian anthropologist, recognized for his research on Papua New Guinea and Aboriginal Australia. Very good condition. Item #18515

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