Item #20890 Advertising blotter illustrating USS Katahdin.

Advertising blotter illustrating USS Katahdin.

New York: Koerner & Hayes, 1898. Color illustrated blotter, with dramatic illustration of the USS Katahdin ramming a larger vessel. This was an ironclad harbor defense ship, an innovative design meant to ride very low in the water and to be used purely as a ram, with no torpedoes on board. In 1898 the US Navy was preparing for an impending war with Spain; the Katahdin was attached to the North Atlantic Squadron and protected the coast from New England to Norfolk.

Frederick Ludlam fertilizer company was based at 108 Water Street, New York and its slogan was "Sun, Rain and Cecrops Make Everything Grow". Blank at verso, with some ink spotting which does not bleed through. Color lithograph with text printed in blue. Slight foxing & a bit dusty, the lower left corner with very small chip. Printed on paper 6 1/4 x 3 1/2" Good -. Item #20890

Price: $45.00