The Chancellors' Hobby, or More Taxes for John Bull. Hand colored caricature.

London: Thomas Tegg, 1819. Caricature depicting the Chancellor riding a money sack on wheels, on which are the names of the new taxes (New Mall Tax, New Tobacco Tax, Coffee Tax, Tea Tax) are written, and kicking John Bull in the mouth. Bull exclaims "What the Devil, the fellow at- are you going to cram all this Down my Throat Zounds you will choak (sic) me". The Chancellor replies "Take care John I don't rightly know how to manage my new Hobby it is rather a heavy machine if you don't go out of the road to Bottany Bay or America I can't answer for the consequence." The signposts point to America, to Starvation, and to Ruin. Published June 19, 1819. Copper engraved caricature with period hand color on watermarked 1819 paper. 14 x 10". British Museum catalogue 13244. Libraries Australia ID 5955530. Very good condition. Item #21179

Price: $1,250.00