Exploring New Guinea by Air, Biological Explorations Photo of the record-setting GUBA aircraft.

Exploring New Guinea by Air, Biological Explorations Photo of the record-setting GUBA aircraft.

World Wide Photos, July 1939. A b&w photograph of the GUBA aircraft that was the first seaplane to fly around the world, cross the Indian Ocean & Africa, and more. With the location byline of Lake Habbema, Netherland New Guinea, the attached press statement caption starts "Contrary to appearance, this is NOT the way by which the expedition's trusty Guba carried 110 men, 180 miles into the unexplored interior of New Guinea. But it does show about half the personnel who were transported...in addition to thirty tons of supplies and equipment..."

This photo was taken shortly before a famous image that shows all the New Guinea tribesmen, Australian staff and Archbold and team standing or sitting on the wing and fuselage of the PBY-2 Catalina flying-boat built by Consolidated Aircraft Corp. The "Guba" aircraft was used by the Archbold Expedition Team (1938-39). Based in Hollandia (now Jayapura), this expedition used a large flying boat to establish collecting camps near the Idenburg River and Lake Habbema from which they explored the Baliem Valley, Mt Wilhelmina (now Mt Trikora) and surrounding areas. (Source: 'PapuaWeb.org")

At the close of the expedition, the plane was fitted with new engines and flown to Sydney for an instrument check. Archbold was asked to help identify a new flying route to Europe, the Australians rather presciently wishing to secure a route that avoided Singapore. this remarkable plane returned to San Diego, on the way, Archbold and his crew set these records: first seaplane to cross the USA nonstop, and ditto for Australia, first airplane crossing of the Indian Ocean, first seaplane to fly across Africa, first seaplane to fly around the world and first airplane of any kind to fly around the world at its greatest circumference (which Amelia Earhart had hoped to do). (Source; Adkisson, C.S., Aviation and the Archbold Expeditions, article on archbold-station.org)

11x7", b&w photograph with attached press statement mimeographed on orange paper. Photo with a closed 1" tear in left side, a shorter one on the right, with one corner bend top left. Stamp on the verso for World Wide Photos. Bright. Very good overall. Item #24350


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