1887 Brewster, N. Y. Lithograph. NY Brewster.

1887 Brewster, N. Y. Lithograph.

Troy, NY: Burleigh Lithograph Co, 1887. Bird's eye panoramic view of Brewster, New York (Putnam County), showing the Harlem Railroad station, railroad lines, village street names and homes, and the N. Y. Condensed Milk Co. Manufactory.

This factory was owned by the inventor of the method of preserving milk without refrigeration, Gail Borden, and built in 1864. Borden's process revolutionized the making of condensed milk, making this essential food safer and more easily transported.

Condensed milk became a critical field ration for the Union Army, and made Borden a rich man. Brewster was the largest and most advanced milk plant of its time and Borden's first commercially successful factory. Every day more than 200 dairy farmers supplied 20,000 gallons of milk as demand soared due to the American Civil War. Railroads distributed the product: the Harlem Railroad line and the N.Y. & N. E. R. R. lines are both shown.

Image 21 x 12 1/4", paper 22 x 14". Laid down on board. Faint damp stain at right edge, intruding half an inch into the image. Very good overall. Item #24426


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