Item #24890 Cartoon illustrated letter from Germany, 1889.

Cartoon illustrated letter from Germany, 1889.

Germany: 1889. A comical letter interspersed with drawn clues and caricatures, likely from an English student who has spent time in Germany to a relative at home.

The letter itself contains 5 miniature illustrations throughout the text. The second page consists of 9 pen and ink illustrations of various aspects of the writer's life and a variety of unusual visual jokes, such as a ram with no ears, a man harpooning a dragon captioned "Haskell harpooning for Weir", a portrait of Napoleon captioned "Napoleon B'te Frost", an vignette of a German street at night with "Maisch tearfully shaking hands for the last time with his old friend the Pump"; and a smiling mouth captioned "Hieroglyphic representation of the smile of the antient knight de Garrett, as he wallowed in the gore of ye Turk or Saracen dog!". The text of the letter indicates the family surname is Nuttall; the author's first name possibly Garrett.

Addressed at top, Don Rodrigo de Gilbert, alias Harry C. Myers, "Gent", zr zeit in Europe. Abroad, and dated 25 August 1889. Signed with initials "G W F N". 10 1/2 x 8". Some traces of adhesive on verso showing through, but not obscuring text. Very good overall. Item #24890

Price: $125.00

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