Letter from Kuling American School, China in its first year. ALS. China, Missionaries.

Letter from Kuling American School, China in its first year. ALS.

Kuling, China: Kuling, 1915. Three page letter giving a vivid first hand account of life at the Kuling American School on the top of Mt. Lu, Jiangxi Province, between Nanking and Hankow on the Yangtze River. Written August 8, 1915, in the year of the school's founding, by an American woman named Mary to family back home in Newark NJ.

Mary describes the stunning views, their own cold stream "which doesn't have to be boiled before drinking", mornings spent studying Chinese, afternoons "tramping around to new summits .. and outlooks across the Yangtze Valley, or Poyang Lake", and her own small garden.

She describes the previous winter's activities with her husband including English teaching, gym activities & visiting, and expects to return to Peking "in another month", but looks forward to having one more year to study the language. She mentions photographs she has sent home, and the upcoming October Missionary Meeting of the Society, and a Mrs. George Weeks on the Programme Committee.

Kuling remained popular with expats. Kuling Estates, a property of European style village of handcrafted stone villas that the missionaries called Kuling (now Gu Ling) was developed in this area in the 1930s. Pearl S. Buck, the first woman novelist to win the Nobel Prize in literature, purchased a lot here (Lot No. 86A).

Written in ink on Chinese paper printed with large central color wood block rose motif with red stamped artist's signature. 3 pages, 6 x 10", written on one side. Very good condition. Item #24930


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