Item #24969 A New Map of the World. Cook's Voyages, John Wallis.
A New Map of the World.

A New Map of the World.

London: John Wallis, ca. 1802. A double hemisphere map of the world, the seas heavily crisscrossed by James Cook's three voyages. The various tracks are titled "Cook in 1769" in carry on to 1771, 1773, 1777, Furneaux in 1771; 1774. The ocean off the North West Coast is marked "going to America in 1778; Return in 1778". “Dissected maps” were the first generation of jigsaw puzzles. They followed the latest educational theories of the time and were sold as tools to make learning enjoyable.

Without a printed date, we estimate this to be version of Wallis's map to be 1802.
The continent of North America contains "Louisiana", Mexico, New Mexico (with "Sta. Fe" for Santa Fe), United States (13 States), Boston, N. York, Philadelphia, Chesapeake R., Williamsburg, C. Fear, Charlestown, St. Augustine, New Orleans, Colorado R., Rio Bravo, Lake Superior, Huron, Ontario, Mississippi R. L. Hood. The name "California" appears in the ocean along the Baja. Along the North West Coast are the names Alaska, F. Willm., Cook R, Fox I., Behring S., Clerks, Bristol, C. Lisburn.

Names on the Australian continent, which still has Tasmania connected to the continent include New Holland, New South Wales, Botany Bay, an oversized Endeavour Str., Carpentaria, Bateman Bay. In Western Australia, the names marked are Concord Land, Lyon's Land & Nuyt's Land. New Zealand is marked with Cook's Strait, C. Smith and C. North. It is heavily trafficked with numerous tracks of Cook's voyages, and the "Antipodes of London" is off the south coast of the South Island. South America includes the names Brazil, Amazonia, Peru, Paraguay, Guyana, Patagonia & Chili (sic).

The box lid is identical to one pictured on the Library of Congress website (#85694393). Paper on wood, hand colored, in a wooden box 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 1 3/4". Partial label on the lid "A New Map of the World sold by John W..." The text, which is bordered by a double oval line, is similar to the label of the LOC copy, except that this copy has a larger oblong label, although the bottom part is missing. (The LOC copy has the label trimmed to the oval border.) The LOC copy has a printed date of June 28th 1800 and Wallis' address as 16 Ludgate Street. This copy differs in that it is strictly the double hemisphere shape interlocking in the midsection.

Each hemisphere of the puzzle is 7" in diameter; the puzzle box measures 14 x 7 1/8". There are several pieces missing - the South Pacific east of New Zealand; Africa; the north Indian Ocean & the Mediterranean. The map is a little toned, and some piece corners are a bit chipped. Still, Item #24969

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