Item #25045 Parramatta Tramway Depot Estate. Subdivision broadside. Australia Land subdivision poster.

Parramatta Tramway Depot Estate. Subdivision broadside.

Sydney: Cunninghame & Co., May 1935. The large lithographed poster advertises 6 building lots on O'Connell Street and George Street, overlooking the Parramatta River and the King's School.

Area shown on map is just south west of the intersection of O'Connell and George Streets, travelling north east along O'Connell Street and the former location of the Parramatta Hospital, stopping just to the north of the Parramatta River. From the intersection of George and O'Connell Streets, the map goes to the south east, along George Street, showing Marsden and Church Streets.

For auction on 3rd May 1935 by G. H. Mobbs & Co. and Parker & Rowland. 22 1/2 x 17 1/2", black printing on cream paper, title at top with text and date of auction underneath and map below. Period folds flattened. Trove 53147342, only one copy at SL NSW. Very good condition. Item #25045

Price: $350.00