Australia's Wonder Bird "The Lyre Bird"

Melbourne: Herschells Pty Ltd, 1932. The film is another matter - how incredible that you have this important piece of Australian film/sound history with you in the U.S. The first sound recording of Lyrebirds was done on the optical soundtrack of film in 1931 and subsequent films were shot and compiled later, although there are some significant gaps / missing films in this archival history, which is what really interests me here.

In terms of identifying what it is, It looks like it's 35mm at 658ft, which would give it a running time of between 6-12 mins. Are there any further dates / names on it or associated materials? Has it been preserved well to archival standards, to your knowledge?

I certainly agree it would be of cultural importance to get this item over here and to identify its provenance fully. It would also be really useful for my project. I would be very interested in acquiring it (although to get a grant for the purchase of it would be ideal, which would not be an immediate outcome unfortunately, but i'll see if i can speed this process.)

From the library of Theodora Cope, one of the founders of the Cornell Ornithology Laboratory, who photographed birds throughout the Southern Hemisphere with her father Francis Cope in the late 1920s. Jacket with some corner bends otherwise very good. Item #26791

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