Miss Hannah Thatcher, Born Deaf and Dumb, who at the Age of Eleven. After Rose Emma Drummond, engr Robert Webster.

Miss Hannah Thatcher, Born Deaf and Dumb, who at the Age of Eleven...

London: R. Webster, April 10, 1820. Ephemera. A charming color stipple & mezzotint portrait of this young girl, who recovered her hearing and speech after surgery performed by Wm. Wright. She was "presented to the late Queen on acquiring the sense of Hearing and the faculty of Speech under the surgical treatment of Wm. Wright Esq. Her Majestys Surgeon Aurist, Dedicated by Permission to His Royal Highness the Duke of York by his very grateful and devoted humble Servant, Robert Webster. Published April 10 1820 by R. Webster 3 Queens Row, Pimlico". The image shows a most sincere comely young girl, a simple parted hairstyle, wearing a black dress, necklace and holding a book. The background is of the sky and a small bush to the left side.

We have only been able to locate this print as mentioned in Univ. College London blog. (blogs.ucl.ac.uk/library-rnid/2013/02/15/treating-deafness-hannah-thatcher-william-wright-and-the-danger-of-thin-shoes/). It does not appear to be cataloged at the BL, BM, Wellcome Institute, OCLC.

A later rendering of Hannah published in 1823 poses her in a bonnet and is published in black & white. This later image is held in the Wellcome collection (17948i); the BM (1895,1015.62); National Library of Scotland.

The margins slightly dusty with some faint creases, overall very good condition. Very good condition. Item #27181


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