Item #27371 Kalender of Criminals for August 6th, 7th and 8th, in Albany, NY. Crime, 18th century New York State.

Kalender of Criminals for August 6th, 7th and 8th, in Albany, NY.

Albany: 18th century. Manuscript listing of Colonial-era court cases and punishments for five people in Albany. What is striking about these punishments is their extreme leniency. When the British crown meted out punishments after the 1780s, transportation for life to Australia was not unusual for a crime as trivial as stealing a loaf of bread. For an African American man Lewis, purported to have stolen notes totaling 380 pounds, he was whipped. "Lue, otherwise called Lewis, a Negro Man Slave of Wm. Parker" who was charged with a felony in stealing one note of hand of 320 pounds; one note of Hand of the value of 40 pounds; and one note of Hand of the value of 20 pounds, the property of Moses Barnet. - whipped on Mond[ay]"

An indictment against John Van Arnum for stealing a bay mare worth 12 pounds of the goods and chattels of Uriah Mitchell. 'Pled Guilty. ... Monday next to receive 39 lashes.'

An indictment against Amos Eldridge for stealing a cow of red and white colors of the price of 6 pounds of the goods and chattels of John Bradt. 'The like as above.'

An indictment against George John Rightmyer for the murder of a male bastard child born alive of the Body of one Sarah Rightmyer. Plea not guilty. Verdict Guilty.

An indictment against James Seton for perjury before two justices of the Peace. Pled Guilty. On Monday next to stand in the Pillory on Monday next in some public place in this City of Albany - and six months imprisonment.

The document is not dated. It could be pre-American Revolutionary war (1775) or between 1782-1793 (the war ended in 1782 and pounds were the currency used until 1793.) A perusal of Ancestry has the following dates for people mentioned in the document. Moses Barnet, 1717-1797, Rensselaer County; Amos Eldridge, 1747-1818?, Clinton County NY; Uriah Mitchell, 1743-1806, m. 1770, Dutchess Co. NY; William Parker, Slave owner; George John Rightmeyer, 1790 census Schoharie County, d. 1803 in Middleburg, Schoharie. His will does not mention a "Sarah Rightmyer"; James Seton, 1790 census Pitts Town, Albany, perjury, pillory & 6 months prison.

8.25x13", heavy rag paper lightly tanned paper, ink, original folds. Very good condition. Item #27371


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