Das See'n-Gebiet (Lake District) und Die Steinice Wuste (Great Stony Desert) im Innern von Australien. Nach den Reisejournalien von Sturt 1845; Wills 1860; McKinlay 1861-62; & Howitt 1862. Constr. v. B. Hassenstein, dir. v. A. Petermann.

Gotha: A. Petermann, 1867. A detailed map focused on the area of the South Australian & Queensland border including the tracks of Charles Sturt (1845), Wills (1860, McKinlay (1861-2) and Hewitt (1862).

Color lithographed map for Petermann's Geographische Mittheilungen, 1867. Period outline colour marks the explorers tracks. 25x43 cm. Covers 138.5-141.5 degrees long. and 29-almost 25 degrees lat. Very interesting map with extensive annotations about the conditions found in the countryside.

The Burke and Wills expedition established a Depot Camp on Cooper Creek at Camp LXV, (their sixty-fifth camp since leaving Melbourne), at a place now called The Dig Tree. There was a depot at the Dig Tree from 6 December 1860 to 21 April 1861. The Victorian Contingent Party under Alfred Howitt was sent by the Victorian government to establish the fate of the expedition. Howitt found the remains of both leaders, Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills and buried them close to where the town is located today. He also found the sole survivor, John King living amongst and cared for by the Yandruwandha aboriginals, and returned him to Melbourne. Item #501

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