Collection of Vellum Indentures signed by Capt. Charles Sturt. Charles Sturt.
Collection of Vellum Indentures signed by Capt. Charles Sturt.

Collection of Vellum Indentures signed by Capt. Charles Sturt.

1855-1862. The indentures, leases & other documents relate to land holdings of Capt. Sturt from 1855-1862. Sturt's signature appears eight times on a total of 11 documents. On the decease of Thomas Adcock Grindall in 1839, settlements of his estate & properties came under the control of various peoples, among them Charles Sturt. Other people include Henry Evelyn Pitfield Sturt Grindall, Capt. Royal Navy; John Grey, Lt. Col. H.M. Army; Lady Rosa Luiza Grey, Frederick Peake. Vellum documents, each page measuring approximately 27 x 22".

Charles Napier Sturt (28 April 1795 – 16 June 1869) was a British explorer of Australia. He led several expeditions into the interior of the continent, in both New South Wales and South Australia. His expeditions traced several of the westward-flowing rivers, establishing that they all merged into the Murray River. One-time secretary to the governor of New South Wales & author of several books on his expeditions, he wrecked his health on his expeditions, and was not financially secured by a subsequent government position. In 1862, he retired to England.

1. 1811 - Release from the Duke of Portland to Thomas Adcock Grindall. Six page vellum document. Signed by Scott Portland & Roland Winburn.

2. 1831 - Settlement to H.E.P.S. Grindall from T.A.G's will, from Messrs Grant & Butler (Solicitors). Dated December 3rd, 1831. Three pages, signed by Butler & Grindall.

3. 1833 - with an 1855 & 1856 attachment. Settlement of the estates freehold & leasehold of the late Mr. Grindall, signed three times by Charles Sturt. 30th September 1833. Seven pages. Signatures of Butler, Lady Grey, John Grey, Grindall.

4. 1833. Settlement of the estates freehold & leasehold of the late Mr. Grindall. Signed by Sturt four times, also by Butler, Lady Grey, John Grey, Grindall. September 30th. Six pages.

5. 1834 - Col. Grey to James Grant & John Butler, a mortgage to secure L 2000 & interest charged on the settlement of estate.

6. 1859. Charles Sturt & others to Henry Pascoe. Lease of 26 Church St., Soho. Signed by Sturt, as well John Grey. Three pages.

7. 1861- Lady Rosa Luiza Grey & Capt. Charles Sturt to Edward Taylor, lease of 62 Dean St., Soho, 50 year lease, annual rent L 40. Expires March 1911. No signature. Three pages.

8. 1861- Indenture, Lady Roza Luiza Grey, Charles Sturt & Frederick Peake to Edward Taylor, lease of 63 Dean St., Soho, annual rent L8. Expires 1945. Signed by Edward Taylor. Three pages.

9. 1862- Lady Grey, Sturt & Peake to John Gay, lease of 29 Church St. Soho,
annual rent L 38. Signed by John Gay. Dated 25 November. One sheet.

10. 1879 - Lease from Lady Grey & Frederick Peake to Mrs. B.M.T. Kettner, dated Nov. 1879 for 29 Church St., annual rent L80. Signed by Peake & Grey. Two pages.

11. 1891 - Surrender of Lease of 29 Church St., from Mr. G. Langiorgi to Col. Napier G. Sturt & Fredk. Peake, esq. Dated 10th Aug. 1891. Signed by Langiorgi & Theodore Wade. One folded page.

Housed in custom clamshell box. Some documents very handled, by in very good condition overall. A fascinating collection. Item #7899


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