MAN. A Monthly Record of Anthropological Science. 1902-1965, 298 individual issues.

London: Royal Anthropological Institute, 1902 - 1965. Paperback. In all, 298 issues of this invaluable anthropological reference, published by the world's longest lived scholarly association devoted to the study of mankind in its broadest sense. Noted anthropologists whose work appears here include: A. C. Haddon, Andrew Lang, N. W. Thomas, C. G. Seligmann, H. Ling Roth, W. M. Flinders Petrie, T. W. Edge-Partington, Miss A. C. Breton, A Van Gennep, C. M. Woodford, E. Sidney Hartland, David Bushnell, A. W. Howitt, R. H. Mathews, J. G. Frazer, Enrico Giglioli, P. H. G. Howell-Cotton, Norman Tindale, Raymond Firth, Stephen Yang, and V. H. Scherwin. Each issue with colored plates, including ones such as: Totem Post in the Pitt Rivers Museum; Stone Implements from the Yenisei; Paleolithic Implements from the Thebaid; Skull Prepared for Purposes of Sorcery; Bird and Human Design from the Solomon Islands; Tunisian Tatoo ("Tatu") Designs; A Pair of Shell-Inlaid Shields from the Solomon Islands; The Hyksos; Bronze Plaques from Northwest Argentina; Primitive Salt Making in the Mississippi Valley; New Zealand Box (Waka); Photographs of Some Bantu Tribes; Clubs from North America; Aboriginal Rock Chippings Herbert South Africa; Excavations at Deir El-Bahari; Quartz Implements from Ceylon; Rain Making in Burma; Australian Huts and Shelters; Dewish "Eoliths"; Musical Instruments in Khorasan; Trade Signs in Christiansborg; Housas; Ornaments of the Womdeo Pagan Women; Stone Circles in the Gambia; Carved Wooden Object from Santo Domingo; A New Form of Mask from the Sepik Papua; Stone Armlets in the Gold Coast; Rock Paintings from the Central District of British Papua New Guinea; and The Oldest Complete Polynesian Canoe Hull. The 1930s issues with fascinating references and advertisements on the back covers for eugenics and Nazi related works.
Most in green paper wrappers, those from the 1950s and 1960s in yellow paper wraps. Some covers detached but mostly in very good condition. Very good. Item #953

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