Elist 28- Photographs, West Point, Polar, China, New Zealand, Australia

103 items including Rembrandt’s etching of Studies of the Heads of Saskia and Others, signed by a Parisian printseller in 1801; 1st edition of Aaron Arrowsmith’s New and Elegant General Atlas, with the first printed map of the State of Ohio; long run of the cult periodical The Voice of the I Am; archive of photographs & letters of the Selfridge family nanny; Novvus Orbis, sive descriptio Indiae Occidentalis, the 1st true account of Le Maire - Schouten's expedition, the 1st around Cape Horn, 1622; Julia Child letters on Californian wine; rare children’s work Geography Epitomized, one of the first American works to include Cook’s Voyages, Stanford NY 1805; handsome lithograph portraits of Maori chiefs, 1877; a striking photograph album of a voyage from Canada to New York City via Lake Champlain and the Hudson River, 1907; inscribed photograph of Robert Peary to his financial backer, Zenas Crane; a copy of the Borman Report on the West Point Honor Code, extensively annotated by Col. Reeder.  Books, photographs, ephemera, maps, prints.

Elist 27- W.W.1, New York, Photographs, China, Australia, Cricket

93 items including Spiers & Pond wine list for the 1867 Paris Exhibition, Melbourne entrepreneurs who organized the 1st Cricket test match in Australia; Hugh Hefner’s That Toddlin’ Town!, his first book of caricatures, signed; W.W.1 manuscript journal by H.J. Bowden, British navy stoker, present at the bombardment of Anzac Cove 26 April 1915; Antarctic letter from Thomas Poulter, savior of Richard Byrd, “Dear Son, Greetings from the South Pole. I hope I am alive till thee gets this…” 1936; a collection of artist’s proof plates of Bartlett’s famous American Scenery; Henry Bunbury’s Arrowsmith Map of Discoveries in Australia, 1834, the namesake of Bunbury, Western Australia; a New York colonial writ issued by Chief Justice James De Lancey, who preside over the Zenger trial, 1745; a remarkable trade card for the Hudson River steamboat Olive Branch, the key to breaking the monopoly of Fulton & Livingston on Hudson River navigation, ca. 1825; a series of land subdivision posters of the Sydney area, 1920s. 

Books, photographs, ephemera, maps, prints.

AUSTRALIA IN MAPS 1540 - 1898.

An impressive collection of 262 antiquarian Australian maps & double hemispheres with Australian interest, a collection over 50 years in the making. For sale as a collection.

108 items on Captain JAMES COOK & Associates.

Including a 30-year collection of portraits & "Death of Cook" images, notably the FIRST PRINTED IMAGE OF COOK printed in 1759; autograph letters of his associates; maps; an early American collection of Cook's family crest, a portrait & letter assembled by an American relation of Cook's; a set of Cook's Voyages with Kippis' Life of Cook & the "Death of Cook" plate in the atlas; a 1790 playbill; 1810 George III Jubilee puzzle with Cook influences; Webber views. Books, maps, prints, early newspapers, ephemera, etc.

Cook's Last Voyage

Cook's Last Voyage - The Artistic Vision in John Webber's Prints Unpublished Aquatints; Lifetime Issues; Boydell Issues A series of Webber views of Cook's third voyage to the South Pacific including New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Tahiti, Krakatoa, French Polynesia, Vietnam, Russian Kamchatka and Macao in China, published from 1787 to 1820.