Elist 31- Polar, Macao, Australia, West Point

44 items including an ALS from Will Humphrys, prominent print engraver in Philadelphia, London & Italy; 1871 ALS from Manchester, Iowa Quaker giving price for farm land; Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, limited 1st edition with the list of corrections published later; A New and Correct History of New Holland… by A Society of Gentlemen, Glasgow 1796, Ferguson 247; a very large albumen photograph for Rogers Locomotive Works, New Jersey of a St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railway engine, 1887; The Cadet Game, a 1905 Milton Bradley game based on West Point; Tuckey’s Account of the Voyage to establish a Colony at Port Phillip… the first and only period account of the failed attempt to settle Victoria, 1805; 1st printing of Malaeska by Ann Stephens, which later achieved fame as the first dime novel; a selection of prints & maps about Macao, China; the family annotated copy of Memoirs of Captain James Wilson the London Missionary Society captain to the South Seas and India, 1815; the scarce account of the 2nd Mutiny against Wm. Bligh, the Rum Rebellion.  Books, prints, ephemera, ephemera. 

Elist 30- Hudson River, Photographs, Australia, Legal Trials

104 items including 2 editions of Wade’s Panorama of the Hudson River, 1846 & 1847;the program for the 1st ANZAC commemoration, London 1916, autographed;  The Shipwrecked Orphans, a firsthand account of a shipwreck in the Torres Straits in 1834; L’Ornement Polychrome, with 206 chromolithographs of world design; Unrecorded Australian gold rush poster for the ship Concordia, 1852; Masuo Ikeda’s suite of original etchings Portrait of Sphinx;  Austrian Art Nouveau iron work in Vienna & Prague, 1909; a manuscript tally of legislators in the disputed 1792 NY gubernatorial race between Jay & Clinton; an 1856 theater broadside for imaginary Antarctic voyage Peter Wilkins!; a group of important legal trials many with Australian associations including Sir Walter Raleigh; Thomas Fyshe Palmer; Laurence Halloran, of Sydney Grammar School; Welsh Chartist John Frost; 18 Parsi defendants in Bombay; Admiral Augustus Keppel; and trials of famous pirates including Bonnet & Kidd, 1742-1884.  Books, prints, ephemera, etchings, photographs.

AUSTRALIA IN MAPS 1540 - 1898.

An impressive collection of 262 antiquarian Australian maps & double hemispheres with Australian interest, a collection over 50 years in the making. For sale as a collection.

Cook's Last Voyage

Cook's Last Voyage - The Artistic Vision in John Webber's Prints Unpublished Aquatints; Lifetime Issues; Boydell Issues A series of Webber views of Cook's third voyage to the South Pacific including New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Tahiti, Krakatoa, French Polynesia, Vietnam, Russian Kamchatka and Macao in China, published from 1787 to 1820.