Item #16304 Set of 6 cards, including kangaroo and dingo. Kangaroo, Liebig Advertising cards.

Set of 6 cards, including kangaroo and dingo.

Ca. 1886. German advertising cards. Set of 6 cards entitled with chromolithograph illustrations of animals from around the world, that must be found hidden within each illustration. Each illustration features a large tin of the product (with tin label in English 'Liebig's Extract of Meat) being transported in some kind of cart or sled, as the central element of the design. For example, the Dingo card shows a young aborigine seated on the tin itself, which is harnessed as if it were a cart, to two kangaroos. Cards have the following lines at the lower left, in German: "Wo ist der Eskimo?"; "Wo ist der Dingo?"; "Wo ist der Eisbaer?"; "Wo ist der Fuhrmann?"; "Wo ist der Tiger?"; "Wo ist der Lowe?". Chromolithographic color. Image on one side, German text at verso. A scarce set in very good condition. Item #16304

Price: $275.00