West Shore Railroad Company (Hudson River). First Mortgage Guaranteed Bond, Issued $1,000.00; dated 1919.

An early Junk bond, with an attractive bank-note engraving of the Hudson Highlands - a fictitious Garrison's Landing looking west across the Hudson towards the plains of West Point; with a train on the verso. Printed in green & black, 9 1/2 x 15", with half of the coupons attached, and an orange Tax stamp in the top right corner. Issued at 4 percent, principal due in 2361. Signed by Chauncey Depew, (1834 - 1928), whose ancestors settled in 1685 at the present location of Peekskill, NY was president of the New York Central Railroad System, and president of the West Shore Railroad Company. This line extended from Weehawken, NJ, north along the west shore of the Hudson River to Albany, NY and then west to Buffalo; it is no longer a passenger line & now serves as CSX Transportation's main freight route from the west to the New York City area. Item #16900

Price: $95.00

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