Item #20978 A Brief Summary of the New Life Movement (Chiang Kai Shek strategy to defeat Communism). China, Taiwan.
A Brief Summary of the New Life Movement (Chiang Kai Shek strategy to defeat Communism).

A Brief Summary of the New Life Movement (Chiang Kai Shek strategy to defeat Communism).

Nanchang, Kiangsi, China: The Association for the Advancement of New Life Movement, 1934. Pamphlet touting the benefits of the Chinese government led civic education program known as the New Life Movement, established by General Chiang Kai-shek to promote cultural reform, combat corruption and unite China under a centralized ideology.

China at the time had been threatened by Western imperialism, as well as rising Japanese militarism, and communism.

The New Life Movement stressed traditional Confucian morality and the Methodist notion of self-cultivation as the solution to the perceived degeneration of the Chinese people, and was considered by the Kuomintang to be key element of Sun Yat Sen's Three Principles of the People. In China the New Life Movement ended in 1949.

Chiang launched this movement from his Nanjing headquarters, when he was the leader of the Republic of China. He expelled Chinese communists from the party and led a successful unification of China. Despite a professed focus on reform, Chiang’s government concentrated on battling Communism within China as well as confronting Japanese aggression. When the Allies declared war on Japan in 1941, China took its place among the Big Four. Civil war broke out in 1946, ending in a victory by Mao Zedong’s Communist forces and the creation of the People’s Republic of China. From 1949 until his death, Chiang led the KMT government in exile in Taiwan, which many countries continued to recognize as China’s legitimate government.

The 'Contents' include the Beginning of the New Life Movement (NLM); The Unification and Promotion of the NLM; the Future of the NLM; The Important Speeches of General Chiang Kai-Shek; The Slogans, Rules and Emblem of the NLM; Outline of the NLM; Appendix: The Staff of the General Association for the Promotion of the NLM. The Appendix (last 2p) comprises a list of the organizations staff; President (Chiang Kai Sheh), 32 Directors, a Director-in-Chief, a General Secretary, Secretary and Head of the First, Second & Third Departments, and 18 Secretaries. The lengthy list of slogans and rules runs to 95 items, including #40. Do not smoke opium.

We were not able to find this title on OCLC. However, a similar pamphlet, "Outline of the New Life Movement" was found OCLC: 3976888 (14pp pamphlet, color plates).

Pamphlet, small 4to (2) pp, 18pp, plus one color plate of the symbol for the organization. Blue paper wrappers stitch bound with pale blue ribbon. Blue paper wrappers marked & ruffled at spine with 1 1/2" split lower spine, fox spotting on lower edge of cover. Good + condition. Item #20978

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