Item #21684 Damascus and Trier, from the Nuremberg Chronicle. Woodblock. Hartmann Schedel, Michel Wolgemuth, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff, ills.

Damascus and Trier, from the Nuremberg Chronicle. Woodblock.

Germany: Anton Koberger, ca 1460-1494. First edition. Liber chronicarum- Nuremberg Chronicle, an individual page from the Chronicle featuring Damascus and Trier, Plate No. XXIII.

This work by Schedel [1440-1514] is an illustrated world history which is based on the Bible, which follows the story of human history related in the Bible and includes the histories of a number of important Western cities. Written in Latin by Hartmann Schedel it appeared in 1493. It is a well documented incunabulum, one of the first to successfully combine illustrations and text.

This epic history divides human history into 7 ages. Published and printed by Anton Koberger, the godfather of Albrecht Durer and the most successful German publisher of his day. The woodcut illustrations were made in the workshop of Michael Wolgemut [1434 - 1519], with an unpredcedented number of 1,809 illustrations. These woodblocks include views of cities and towns, battles, kings, and saints. Some images represent actual cities, and other images are purely imaginative.

The verso page describes Damascus"...the first city and a principal one of Assyria." The city "is supplied with water by means of aqueducts." which has over time enabled it to survive many wars and changes in empire because of its fertility so close to the desert. The image is of a walled city on a high promontory, reminiscent of a european town rather than a Middle eastern town. The folio side describes Treves or Trier in Western Prussia. The image of a large city with a dome to the right first appears here, but is repeated elsewhere in the Chronicle. Approximately 12 x 17 1/4", b & w, tide mark on lower left side extending into image by 1/2" though not prominent, very clean otherwise. Good + overall. Item #21684

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