Item #22076 The Constitution of France 1793 in the Argus, Boston, April 23, 1793.

The Constitution of France 1793 in the Argus, Boston, April 23, 1793.

Boston: Edward E. Powars, 1793. The Argus was a relatively short-lived newspaper published in Boston from 1791 to 1793. The prominent article on the front page is starts with: "We are not so arrogant, as to suppose THE FRENCH PEOPLE, more than other Nations, - to be supernaturally inspired, tho' THEIR Writings, generally speaking, partake infinitely more of the SUBLIME AND THE BEAUTIFUL, than their Neighbours; They being Facts, WE should fail in an essential Part of our Duty to POSTERITY, were we to omit re-publishing the following truly patriotick (sic) liberal, just Declaration of the Rights of Men & c... Plan of the Declaration of the Natural, Civil and Political Rights of Men".

The first acts of the newly named National Convention of France were the abolition of the monarchy and the declaration of France as a republic. In January 1793, the convention tried and executed Louis XVI on the grounds of treason. Despite the creation of the Committee of Public Safety, the war with Austria and Prussia went poorly for France, and foreign forces pressed on into French territory. Enraged citizens overthrew the Girondin-led National Convention, and the Jacobins, led by Maximilien Robespierre, took control. Backed by the newly approved Constitution of 1793, Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety began conscripting French soldiers and implementing laws to stabilize the economy. For a time, it seemed that France's fortunes might be changing. But Robespierre, growing increasingly paranoid about counterrevolutionary influences, embarked upon a Reign of Terror in late 1793-1794, during which he had more than 15,000 people executed at the guillotine. When the French army successfully removed foreign invaders and the economy finally stabilized, however, Robespierre no longer had any justification for his extreme actions, and he himself was arrested in July 1794 and executed.

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