Item #22620 Atrichia Clamosa. (Noisy Scrub Bird). John Gould, H. C. Richter.

Atrichia Clamosa. (Noisy Scrub Bird).

London: John Gould, 1840. Print. The noisy scrub bird doesn't look like much, but we would consider it as one of the triumvirate of Western Australian animals, along with the Black Swan and the Numbat. It is elusive and only found in areas of dense scrub and overgrown swamps near Albany, Western Australia and has come back from the brink of extinction. It is one of only two members of an ancient Australian bird family, the other being the Rufous Scrub Bird (Atrichornis Rufesens) which lives in the rain forests of northern NSW & southern Queensland. (Dept. of Conservation & Land Management, W.A.).

John Gould, the author and force behind "The Birds of Australia," is considered the father of Australian ornithology. His wife Elizabeth was also the artist on many of the prints. The prints are lithographs with original period hand color. This is plate number 174 from the most comprehensive ornithological work on Australia ever completed published.

Print measures 14 1/2 x 21 1/2". A couple of minute fox spots, overall in superb condition. See Trove 1899173 (Book). Very good condition. Item #22620

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