Item #23919 Alaska gold rush and Teddy Roosevelt: 'McClure's for June' (1900). Poster.

Alaska gold rush and Teddy Roosevelt: 'McClure's for June' (1900). Poster.

New York: S. S. McClure Co, 1900. Striking graphic illustrated large window poster with illustrated headlines for three featured articles, covering such topics as the gold rush in Alaska, Governor Teddy Roosevelt (New York), the Boer War and the Chinese-Japanese War.

The Nome Gold Rush began in 1899 and was astonishing for the ease with which gold could be found, with much of it lying on the sandy beach and recoverable without the need to stake a claim! The feature article is titled "The Gold Fields of Cape Nome. The Richest in the World. Thousands of Dollars Picked up Daily. A Miner's Prospects. Cost of Food. The Different Routes and cost of transportation". Illustration titled "The Beach Diggings. This is the Easiest Gold Mining in the World, and is Free to any man who has a Pick and Shovel and Pan and the Energy to Use Them", showing gold prospectors at work along a sandy beach.

The article on Teddy Roosevelt pertains to his governorship of New York is titled "Governor Roosevelt, Notable Incidents of Conflict in his First Term. The Fight with Lou Payn- Corporation Tax Contest- One of His Messages Torn up in the Assembly Chamber".
This is followed by an article titled "The Night Run of the Overland, A New Railroad Story..." with an illustration of a young woman gazing out a darkened train window; and "The Real Paul Kruger, A Character Sketch.... Some phases and conditions of the South African War".

Also advertised is "A Cadet at the Battle of the Yalu. A graphic description vividly illustrated of the first modern sea fight between armored fleets. An episode of the Chinese-Japanese War by Adachi Kinnosuke", with an illustration of the naval battle showing battle ships Ting Yuen, the Hiyei and the Chen-Yuen.

14 1/2 x 20". The poster advertises McClure's For Sale Here, 10c. Titles printed in red and black. Old fold flattened, short split repaired archivally on verso; small perforation and crease at upper right corner. Very good condition. Item #23919

Price: $375.00