Item #24315 Prospectus & sales solicitation for a Genealogy of the Ward Family. Genealogy, NY Westchester County, Horatio Ward, Augustus Henry.

Prospectus & sales solicitation for a Genealogy of the Ward Family.

New York: 1857. Ephemera. A handsomely printed solicitation asking for prepublication commitments for a volume by Horatio Ward, of the Ward family genealogy. The rather grand solicitation is issued in three pieces, two pieces printed on large paper measuring 10x13", copperplate engraved. The sample sheet of genealogy is printed in red and black, headed with "Warde of Broke, Jeffrey Warde (d. 1558) and Jane, d. of Edward Wright. " Mr. Augustus Henry Ward's return address is 14 Washington Place, New York, dated June 1st, 1857.

It begins "I beg leave to inform you, that Horatio Wards, Esq., now of London, for several years has given a great deal of his time to researches in the origin and early history of OUR race, and has it engrossed in only two manuscript books, beginning with the year 1130, and coming down to our day, thus embracing the prominent families in England, of our name, for this long period, and of some of their Descendants in the United States, to which there will be much added by the proposed publication." Further- "As it will comprise so many of the Ward families of England, many of their descendants in this country will be able to find the genealogy of their ancestors therein... as the author has done of HIS family, viz., the Wards of Westchester County, N.Y. descendants of Andrew Ward, who landed in 1632 with Gov. Winthrop. "

The third piece is a smaller preprinted form for subscribers to return to him by June 1857, which is a blank form. Indeed, OCLC does not appear to have a copy recorded; perhaps it was privately published and is not held in a library; or possibly never published. Augustus Henry Ward (1801-1869) is buried in Trinity Church Cemetery in Manhattan, NY. Fine. Item #24315

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