Parachuting from a Hot Air Balloon. A Commemorative Silk Kerchief.

Parachuting from a Hot Air Balloon. A Commemorative Silk Kerchief.

Ca. 1890. Very imaginatively illustrated silk kerchief depicting the various stages of launching a hot air balloon and parachute at the same time, with the parachute used to descend to earth.

The main image, at the bottom of the kerchief, depicts the single (unidentified) balloonist holding the parachute in his left hand, about to pull the harness over his body as the balloon begins to rise. To the right he is seen just above the crowd holding on to a rope that he is sitting on under the rising balloon, and to the far right, having released the hot air balloon, slowly dropping to earth by means of the parachute which he is simply holding onto without a harness.

There are 8 vignettes altogether; they include one with a crowd in the background, with an officer keeping them back; attendants holding sand bags around the base of the balloon; and the single balloonist swooping above the trees in his large parachute.

Possibly French as two of the images have what look like spires of a chateau in the distance. The officer present in two images is wearing a uniform reminiscent of a gendarme.

At the top is a portrait of the jumper. 16 x 16 1/2". The illustrations printed in sepia on a white background; the border of the silk kerchief printed in bright pink. Folds but can be flattened; very bright and clean. Very good + condition. Item #26257

Price: $475.00