Item #26900 Cabbage-tree forest, American Creek, N.S.W. (Near Wollongong). Victoria, Prints, Eugene von Guerard.

Cabbage-tree forest, American Creek, N.S.W. (Near Wollongong).

Melbourne: Hamel & Ferguson, 1867. Print. Plate XV from Eugene von Guérard's Australian Landscapes 1866-68.

American Creek, Mt. Kembla. Trees pictured include cabbage trees, bangalow palms and flame trees. Timbermen are working in the foreground to fell the huge trees. Von Guerard describes the scene thus: This sylvan scene is situated at a distance of little more than ten miles from Wollongong, near the junction of a little stream upon which some prosaic devotee of the bottle has bestowed the dishonouring appellation of the Brandy and Water Creek, with the American Creek, and at the foot of a noble range of mountains. With the lofty bangalow palm, the cabbage palm, the gigantic wild fig-tree, the fire tree (otherwise known as the blaze tree) with its vividly scarlet blossoms, are intermingled the nettle tree, the rose-wood, the sassafras, the white-wood, the wild rose, numerous varieties of the fern tree, and parasites innumerable the whole being woven together into one dense and almost impenetrable mass of foliage. Unfortunately the progress of settlement is necessitating the destruction of some of these magnificent forests, which in many instances clothe a rich chocolate soil of especial value to the farmer. At the time this view was sketched, numerous fires had been kindled by the wood-cutters, and the stately giants were rapidly falling before the pitiless axe of the hardy pioneers of civilization.

Color lithograph, signed in the plate, with the oval blind stamp for the publisher Hamel & Ferguson below the title. Image incl. text 14 1/4 x 20 3/4" on paper 25 x 18 3/4". Archivally cleaned and backed, repairing some marginal splits, including one that would be visible when matted. Color tastefully enhanced. Libraries Australia ID 774462. Item #26900

Price: $1,500.00

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