Item #28101 Pirate and Traveler, board game.

Pirate and Traveler, board game.

Springfield, Mass: MIlton Bradley, 1911. Introduced in 1911, players embark on an expedition to the location indicated on a selected card. The card also gives the 'traveler' the number of points they gain as well as the Natural Produce of the town. For instance, Shanghai, China - tea, silk; Australia- Melbourne, gold; Perth, wool, lead; Brisbane, gold, sapphire, wool; Tasmania, hides, wool; Adelaide, coal, copper. USA- Denver, gold, silver, cattle; near Minneapolis, wheat, coal, iron, lead, corn; Atlanta, cotton, sugar; El Paso, gold, silver, cattle; Helena, copper; Mt. Shasta, wheat, gold silver; between SLC and Los Angeles, grapes.

Complete with a large printed world map (29 x 16 1/4") on a folding board, a box containing 47 printed cards, 6 blank, 1 aluminum spinner and 3 colored wooden 'travelers'.
Map printed on the board is very crisp and colorful but the board edges are a bit chipped. This board has the Bradley logo at the bottom right corner. The box is also bright and clean as are the contents, but lacks instructions. Map on red board (29 x 16 1/4") folds to 14 x 16 1/4" with cloth spine; box is 7 1/4 x 3 3/8 x 7/8" Very good condition. Item #28101